Olive Oil Soap is the most natural body soap for those with sensitive or dry skin. Since ancient times olive oil has been championed as a remedy for hair and skin. It is the mildest of all soaps with the antioxidant properties of Vitamins A and E for nourishing, cleansing, moisturizing and protecting skin against the signs of aging! Six fragrance varieties all sold by the individual bar.

Capistrano Bar Soap

    • Lavender & Verbena: Lavender, citrus and verbena, plus sea salt as an exfoliant.
    • Oakmoss & Aloe Vera: African Black soap made with Shea Butter and activated Charcoal
    • Oatmeal & Honey: Oatmeal milk, honey, plus ground oatmeal as an exfoliant.
    • Rosemary & Mint: Rosemary with peppermint and thyme leaves as exfoliants.
    • Violet & Juniper: African violet, fresh florals, plus juniper berries as an exfoliant.
    • Ginger, White Tea & Peach: Ginger, white tea leaves, sweet peach, orange and other citrus, plus sea salt and ground oatmeal as exfoliants.
    • Wild Cherry & Almond: Wild cherries, roasted almonds, plus ground oatmeal as an exfoliant.
    • Seasonal Fragrances: Now making spring/summer scents of Gardenia, Bamboo Lime or Honeysuckle Wisteria. These will be round bars custom made-to-order. Minimum 3 bar purchase.
  • Each soap bar is handcrafted with pure, natural oils and botanicals, including:

    • Olive Oil
    • Soybean Oil
    • Coconut Oil
    • Corn Oil
    • Sunflower Oil
    • Organic Shea Butter
    • Water
    • Sodium Hydroxide (Lye)
    • Fragrance


    Due to the handmade nature of this soap, color shades may slightly vary.