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Third-Generation Soapmakers

Handcrafting authentic, all-natural products for a healthier perspective on beauty.

ACEQUIA® bodycare is handcrafted by a family of artisans with a soap-making heritage that has passed through three generations.

Our History

Capistrano Soap Company is named after Mission San Juan Capistrano in San Antonio where our craft began with our grandfather Ignatz Kyrisch. We've reformulated his heirloom recipes to create modern products that respect the past and reflect the influence of our global travels and experiences. In 2011, we began a new journey with the introduction of our ACEQUIA Bath & Body Collection, a premier, luxury line of handcrafted bodycare.


Our Spirit

We named ACEQUIA (pronounced ah’say·key·ya in Spanish) for the aqueducts that brought life-giving water to early settlements in the New World.  The pure, crystal clear water of our native artesian wells gave birth to the San Antonio River, feeding acequias and transporting vital moisture to the earliest communities of colonial Spanish missions.


The Acequia Madre located at The Alamo in our home of San Antonio, Texas flows as a reminder that the luxury of water is as treasured today as it was centuries ago.

Our Products

Please view the product video below featuring our ACEQUIA Bath & Body Collection.

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